David Edmonston

Code, Cars and too much coffee


I've been coding since was a small chap and that hobby turned into a job and then a business - PistonHeads.com. I sold that at the beginning of 2007 to Haymarket Publishing.

Since then I've worked on a variety of projects, including MotorMutt, my used car search engine which I'm proud to say powers Dennis Publishing's magazines at Evo, Octane and Land Rover Monthly.

I've got more projects in the pipeline too. Check out www.yoted.com for the latest.


I'm no longer driving cars as part of the day job (that was one of the most exciting parts of running PH). What was once a hobby is once again just a hobby but one I can enjoy with a bit more experience under my belt.

I still get do a number of track days each year and the occasional bit of racing.


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